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What’s your *THING*?


I was always so jealous of my mom and sister, and yes I know that the following is a silly reason to be jealous.  But they always had a *thing* and I never did.  My mom loved pigs.  I don’t know if she loved the actual animals (until she got one a couple of years ago (who consequently, sadly disappeared 😦 )), but to me that was always her turning something negative into a positive.  My dad was a police officer, and for some reason they call police officers pigs.  I actually don’t know why, I’ve never bothered to look.  All I knew was that it seemed disrespectful, and I don’t really entertain stuff like that.  Anyway, my mom loved pigs.  Pig salt shakers, little piggie decorations, piggies all over.  I loved it, it was so cute.  My sister loves anything and everything ladybug.  Earrings, my Grampa Jim got her a pair that she used to wear all the time, stuffed ladybugs, ladybug piggie banks, ever just anything that had a ladybug on there.

I was always so jealous because I didn’t have something that I liked that much.  I had things that I like, of course, but not things like that, that I just LOVED.  Until elephants.  Elephants have changed my life.  I never cared so much about them before.  Not until my life fell apart.  And then, thanks to my wonderful preacher and friend, the elephants made their way in.  First it was subtle.

“Try not to worry, Sunshine.  How do you eat the elephant?”

“I’m sorry… eat the what?”

“You heard me.  How do you eat an elephant?……….  One bite at a time.”

That was a daily reminder for me.  That got said to me EVERY DAY.  Then it was a couple times a week.  Then it was once a week, and now it’s just ever so often.  But the elephants had already worked their way into my heart.  I got my first tattoo, an elephant tattoo on my left wrist, on the inside so I could look at it when I needed a reminder.  His name is Tantor.  (Yes, I named my tattoo.)  When I was sad one time, my sister got me an elephant stuffed animal to make me feel better.  That was pre-tattoo and right before Valentine’s day last year.  Then my awesome step-dad got me an elephant pillow pal.  I love that thing!  That was my v-day gift from him, that my mom didn’t have anything to do with even!  Then he gave me some TY elephants, two of them.  Elephant clock, elephant charm, elephant necklace, elephant tea pot, and now another TY elephant.  He hangs out in my crochet bag.  My friends in my group for counseling even got me a couple of elephants.  They have a special place in my room.  And now I’m not jealous of my mom and sister anymore because I have elephants.  I may have taken it too far, and ordered an elephant nose stud, but I just can’t help it, I’m so excited.  Who would have thought such a simple conversation could have changed my whole perspective!!

So….  What’s your *thing*??


Parenting Skilllllllllllls


I read this hysterical blog today about the signs of sub-par parenting and the things this mom has “totally not done.”  (  It got me to thinking about the things that I have totally not done.  I just thought I’d share.

1.  I don’t laugh at my child EVERY time she runs into something while looking the other way.
2.  I did not hide in the kitchen eating pancakes the other night so she wouldn’t see them and immediately stick her fingers in my plate.

3.  I didn’t just give up last night and resign myself to the fact that she IS going to drink the bathwater.

4.  We don’t eat McDonald’s more than I care to admit.

5.  I do not put her to bed early sometimes so that I can go to bed.

6.  I do not sometimes put her in her crib and put a movie on so I can grab a quick shower on the weekends.

7.  Aforementioned movie is not ALWAYS The Jungle Book because that’s what is in the DVD player.

8.  We do not watch Supernatural in lieu of cartoons on Saturday mornings…

9.  I did not give in and allow her to have 3 chocolate covered granola bars that one time…

10.  I don’t go to the grocery store and listen to my music in my earphones on full blast before I pick her up from daycare most of the time.

I think 10 is enough of the things I definitely don’t do.  Parenting is hard, but I love it.  Sometimes I want to rip my hair out or would kill for two seconds of silence, but my sweet baby is awesome.  How much can I really complain.