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Not a Rant


I was going to write a rant, but I changed my mind.  I decided that it doesn’t matter, what I was going to rant about, it just doesn’t matter.  I decided this post would be MUCH better served if it had something like…….. Fun Christmas facts!!  I’m going to single handedly spread more Christmas cheer than anyone can handle because Lord Almighty, people are in need of it!

First!  I heard this really awesome thing about NORAD today! CONAD started tracking Santa in 1955 when Sears printed an advertisement and instead of including a number where children could call and talk to Santa, they put the number for Colorado Springs’ Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Center.  A colonel there, Harry Shoup, instructed his staff to give children who called a current location for Santa!  This tradition continued on and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) took over in 1958.  How neat is that! They could have just shoved these kids off?  Instead they told them where Santa was flying!  Talk about getting into the Christmas spirit.  Now ever year, children wait and watch to see where Santa is on their local weather channels!  (I do too!!  I wanna know so I can make sure I’m asleep before he comes to my house!!) (

Traditional Christmas colors are green, red and gold.  Green is a symbol of life and rebirth, red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and gold represents light, wealth and royalty.

Alabama was the first state to declare Christmas a Legal holiday in 1836 and Oklahoma was the last in 1907.  I tried to find out when Texas did, but I was not successful.

Candy canes were created by an inventor in Indiana who wanted to spread the name of Jesus around the world.

The scientific name for reindeer is Rangifer Tarasndus.  (That’s probably not interesting to anyone but me.)

Santa’s elves never get cold.  And they live in tiny colorful cottages in the North Pole.

Children’s happiness and belief in the magic of Christmas keep Elves healthy.  (Keep believing!!)

Obviously I believe there is way more to Christmas than this.  This is the time of year that we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  More than that, the fact that God loves us so much to have sent Him to us.  And that He died for us, so that we could go to Heaven and be with God.  That’s the really important part.  All the rest of it is fun, and brings joy, and couldn’t we all use a little joy.  I had a test of this this weekend, choosing joy over anger.  I don’t know that I necessarily chose joy as well as I should have, but hopefully I was more helpful than harmful.  Hopefully you enJOYed this little blog.  (Yes I know it’s spelled wrong, that’s what makes it cute.)



End of the Year Reflections


I’m a little cranky today and having a hard time remembering all the things that made me so happy yesterday.  They just seem a little far away right now and I want today to be over so it can be tomorrow and all the rest of the fun stuff that’s planned for the rest of the week can happen.  So I decided it’s time for a little reflection.

Last December, I posted this gem of a blog.  Lord have mercy it was a downer.  I really felt like I had NOTHING to look forward to.  And oh my gosh look at what all has happened!! I’m still in my master’s, my daughter is just fantastic and smart and fun!  I shed the dead weight that was just keeping me down.  I met the MOST amazing man who quickly became my very best friend.  That relationship has taken me places where I never thought I’d go.  I am confident and self-assured, but I’m also more empathetic and communicative.  I listen better (most of the time) and I’ve grown up a lot with the help of his patience and kindness.  I know now how I should be treated, and how to treat someone else the same way.

I became a chaplain which is scary and wonderful and I’m terrified!  I’m taking this incredible journey with God and trying really hard to let Him lead my life.  I was sitting in church yesterday and my thoughts were wandering a bit (sorry Paul…) and I got to thinking about how I used to not go to church, and used the excuse of not wanting to go alone to not go.  “Well I don’t want to sit by myself, so I just won’t go.”  That’s just laziness right there, folks.  I was sitting in my normal pew, no one else was sitting in the pew with me and I thought about how not wanting to be “alone” kept me from going to church.  And I looked around, and even though no one was sitting in the pew with me, I didn’t feel alone.  And then I realized it’s because I’m NOT alone.  I was in a room full of my friends and family, people who love me and then I also realized that I’m on my way to conquering my fear of being alone.  (I’m pretty existential though, so I’ll probably always struggle with that a little.)  It probably helps that I spend a lot of time with the aforementioned fantastic man, but I’m not going to over think that, I’m just going to enjoy his company.  More than that, God is with me, He always has been.  And he’s doing really good things in my life.  He is calling me to do something, and I’m not sure what it is yet, I feel like it has a lot to do with my church, being a counselor and disaster relief, but I’m still trying to listen really closely so I can hear what He says.  Which means honing my being quiet and listening skills.

I’m a little in disbelief of how negative I was at the beginning of the year to where I am now.  How could I have overlooked how amazing Aubree would be?  She is picking up words in a day now, and understands the meaning behind them as well.  Yesterday I took her little hand and I said “Is this your hand?”  And she nodded, and then I said “Are these your fingers?” and then I wiggled her little fingers and then she said “Fingers.”  She did that every time after when I asked her what they were.  She knows “yellow” (yayyow) “blue” and “green” (geen) too!  That alone should have given me a more positive outlook.  Sadly it didn’t, and knowing that now, I’ll just have to try really hard to remember to be more grateful for what I have!  (And I was cranky at the beginning of this post and I’m already feelin better!  See how that works!)

These are the great things going on in my life.  God is good.  Life is still hard and I don’t always get what I ask for, what I think I need, but He knows, and He is teaching me.  It’s my favorite time of the year, and where I was totally unenthused last year, and I still remember how I felt exactly, I’m extremely excited this year.  I’m so excited to make it good for Aubree and the people that I love!