Fathers Day


I’m not going to lie. Father’s Day has made me sad for a long time. I miss my own daddy and now to add to that, all Aubree has for Father’s Day is me. She doesn’t have a daddy she can look up to. Furthering my irritation of the day, daycare sent home a Father’s Day gift. Yes I know they do it for everyone. But they all know… I feel like they could have been more considerate.

That’s the downside. The upside is that my step dad is awesome! And Aubree has him, her great grampa, an awesome uncle (Robert), her preacher, and just a bunch of other amazing men she can look to for guidance in her life! So today I’m celebrating them! (And myself a little!) Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing men in mine and Aubree’a lives!


About stepheniejones

I'm currently an advisor in the College of Education at Texas Tech. I have a sweet baby girl named Aubree. I'm currently getting my Master's in Counselor Education with an emphasis on Community Counseling. I feel really called to be a counselor. I'm really excited! I enjoy reading, crocheting, good music, and good friends.

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