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I’m 7 months (and 2 days) old!


Mommy has been under the weather lately, so she’s letting me post about being 7 months old!  😀  Life is pretty exciting for me and I want to give y’all an update!

1. Favorite Foods: Formula and oatmeal.  I am getting so good at eating oatmeal off of a spoon now!  I love when Mommy feeds me, I even try to help her, then it gets all over my hands.  It’s really easy to suck it off of my fingers.  Nummy nummy.

2. Favorite Outdoor Activities: I love going for walks.  I hope that when I can walk on my own, Mommy and I can stay healthy by walking together.

3. Favorite Book: I like all kinds of books.  Mostly I just love when Mommy and I get to cuddle and read together.

4. Favorite Song: Jesus Loves Me, Hakuna Matata and I laugh REALLY hard when Mommy sings “Oh My Darling.”  It’s SO funny.

5. Number of Teeth: No teeth yet, but I loooove to chew on stuff.  I have a tooth coming in, but I won’t let Mommy see where it is!  😉

6. Latest Accomplishments: I love to roll and army crawl.  I’m learning how to stand and sit on my own as well.  I also love to chatter, chatter, chatter.

7. Words: Mommy thinks I can say “Hi!”  But I’ll never tell!!

8. Favorite Store: Carter’s

9. Favorite Toys: I love my ducky that’s in my crib with me, my sheepie that I play with in the living room, my dolly in the car, and my sock monkey at daycare.  Mommy read an article that said I should keep the same lovies in the same places.  That way I have established comforts in established places.

10. Favorite Games: I love playing in the floor with my mommy, peek a boo, kissy baby, and bath time.

11. Dislikes: I don’t like being in my car seat too long, or when people aren’t paying enough attention to me.  I also don’t like when someone other than my Mommy tries to put me to bed.  😦

12. Loves: I love snuggling with my Mommy, playing, learning new things, being able to get my binki on my own by either reaching for it or propelling myself to it.

13. Favorite Animals: My puppies, Seamus and Lola

I hope y’all enjoyed the update.  Mommy is starting to feel better.  She had a rough few days.  My Aunt Jen, Aunt Kyla and Aunt Emily helped to take care of us.  They did a great job, even if I did make bed time hard for them.  Poor Aunt Kimmy got sick too!  But Mommy said she’s feeling better now.  That’s all I have for tonight!  Tune in next time!  Love you!!!!

Aubree Grace




“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”  Proverbs 16:18

Hello…  My name is Stephenie and I have more pride than is good for me.  I am pridefully self destructive.  I am completely incapable of asking for help until I have a legitimate crisis on my hands.  You shouldn’t wait that long.  It doesn’t do anyone any good.  And all you end up doing is digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole that you’re not able to get out of.  So what has come of my pride tonight.  A freak out.  A tearful conversation with my mother and other family members.  Shame.  Not shame for having to ask for help.  Shame for waiting so long to ask for help.

This is probably one of the main issues I should talk to my counselor about.  I have broached the subject a little before with him, but not as much as I probably should have.  Why am I completely incapable of asking for/accepting help from people.  Is it genetic?  I don’t really remember ever seeing my parents ask for help.  Honestly, they usually seemed to have it pretty together while I was young.  It wasn’t until I was older, did I realize some of the things going on.  I need to learn to be better about asking for help so that I can teach Aubree that it’s okay to sometimes have to ask others for support.

I really do see why they say Pride is one of the seven deadly sins today.  It might actually be the death of me at some point…