I had a rough day yesterday.  I don’t know that I really want to go into it anymore than to say that the justice system in the United States seems really messed up sometimes.  Aubree made it better because she and one of the daycare workers had made a present for me.  I got a little birdie.  🙂  She also made a flutterby which we’re sending to her daddy.  He’ll like that.  I’m still feeling the irritations of the previous day though.  I even went to bed super early.  I wanted to crochet, but I was so tired.  This morning everything is just pissing me off.  People not listening when I try to explain something, the cleaning people are completely incapable of putting my trashcan back where it belongs.  How in the world does it end up across the room??  Just put it back where it goes!  Couldn’t find my shoes.  People drive stupid.  It’s just ugh… I need an adjustment, which I was going to achieve through diet coke and chocolate.  I left my wallet…. somewhere, who knows…

Also, I went to Walmart last night.  I was even in a pretty decent mood.  One of the cashiers looked like she was sad or tired.  So I asked her how her day was going, she said it’d be better if she could go home.  I felt compelled to ask her  if there was anything I could pray for her for.  I got “Is there anything…” out before I chickened out.  Instead I asked her if there was anything I could do to make it better.  I did this twice!  (with another cashier…)  Why couldn’t I muster up the courage to do what I was told to do.  What was I afraid of?  I hope I still made their day a little better, but I missed an opportunity to serve.  Aubree smiled for both of them as well.  But still…  Ugh.

I’m hoping I can get my attitude to improve.  It’s just craptastic right now.


About stepheniejones

I'm currently an advisor in the College of Education at Texas Tech. I have a sweet baby girl named Aubree. I'm currently getting my Master's in Counselor Education with an emphasis on Community Counseling. I feel really called to be a counselor. I'm really excited! I enjoy reading, crocheting, good music, and good friends.

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