8. What are 5 passions you have


This one is hard.  Sometimes I don’t feel very passionate about anything!  And sometimes I realize how out of order my priorities are.  I’m sad to admit that, if I’m being honest, my faith isn’t the first thing on my list.  I’m working on it.  I want to be a good Christian.  I want my faith to grow and be nurtured, and I’m trying.  Sometimes I fail pretty hard though.  He’s working on me though.

So what are my passions.  In order?  At random?  Guess I’ll go with the order they pop in my head.

1.  My daughter.  (You’re surprised, right?)  I’m so passionate about her that sometimes it hurts.  Literally, physically hurts.  In a good way mostly.  Sometimes I wonder if I love her too much.  And maybe I’m putting too much pressure on her to fix me.  I fight embarrassingly hard for her though.  Ask me about my ER story and my grocery store story sometime.  Those are crazy stories.  She really is my pride and joy.  Maybe that’s corny, but truer words have never been spoken.

2.  School.  I really REALLY want to do well in my Master’s.  I kind of goofed off during my BA.  I want to do a lot better this go around.  I also want to be a good example for my daughter.  I want her to know that as a woman, she can do anything no matter what.  I want to prove that you can be independent, smart, strong, and that you can rely on those things to help you get through life.

3.  Family.  My family and I have always been very close.  I have a hard time understanding families that aren’t.  I just don’t know why a family would actively choose to cut someone out of their lives.  It confuses me to no end.

4.  My husband.  (Sheesh… he’s way down on the list.  Shhh don’t tell.)  I love my husband very much.  He kind of has been replaced by my daughter though.  He’s aware of it, and says he’s ok with it.  Guess he better be!

5. God.  Sadly He is even farther down on the list.  He always provides, though.  He used to not be on the list at all.  I am improving.

So those are my five LIFE passions.  Just for fun, let’s do some other, less relevant, passions.

Material Passions:

1.  Shoes.  Particularly Crocs.  I’m the Crocspert.
2.  Purses.  Particularly Brighton.
3.  Jewelry.  Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
4.  Scarves.
5.  Boots.  Real boots, not faux ones.  I’m an Ariat fan.

Hobby Passions:

1.  Crocheting.
2.  Reading.
3.  Crocheting.
4.  Making tutus.
5.  Pinterest.

Silly Passions

1.  Wrestling!
2.  Big Bang Theory.
3.  Golden Girls.
4.  Pinterest.  (Woohoo, it made two lists!  I must be running out of stuff.)
5.  Trashy reality shows.


About stepheniejones

I'm currently an advisor in the College of Education at Texas Tech. I have a sweet baby girl named Aubree. I'm currently getting my Master's in Counselor Education with an emphasis on Community Counseling. I feel really called to be a counselor. I'm really excited! I enjoy reading, crocheting, good music, and good friends.

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