5 things that make most happy right now


The five things that make me most happy, huh? This shouldn’t be too hard. Hardest part will be keeping it to 5 things!

1. My baby. Duh. Everything about her makes me happy. Her smiles, her coos, her laugh, her facial expressions, everything. Just wish she’d gain some weight.

2. My family. They’re so supportive and wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for better.

3. My church. They’re also wonderful people. Aubree and I learn something new from them every day.

4. My husband. Even though our situation sucks, I still love him. Obviously. Otherwise why would I have stayed with him. Loving him makes me happy. Makes me sad too sometimes, but mostly it makes me happy.

5. Can’t forget my friends! I have the best bunch of friends ever. That includes the new friends I have made recently, the old ones I have reconnected with, and the ones who have been there all the time.

I didn’t have room to put my puppies in there! They make me happy too! See, I knew I couldn’t stay in the confines of the rules. That’s cause I’m a rebel! Haha!


About stepheniejones

I'm currently an advisor in the College of Education at Texas Tech. I have a sweet baby girl named Aubree. I'm currently getting my Master's in Counselor Education with an emphasis on Community Counseling. I feel really called to be a counselor. I'm really excited! I enjoy reading, crocheting, good music, and good friends.

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