Truly Random Post: Movies


So, I’m taking a break from writing my papers for my class.  (On that front I have a bit of writer’s block.)  I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about movies, and then there are just movie previews on TV all the time.  Let me tell you.  90% of the movies that came out this week hold no interest for me whatsoever.  And I’m not judging anyone who wants to go see the movies I’m going to mention.  You do your thang.  I’m just talking.  That’s all this blog is, musings, ramblings, updates on my life and Aubree.  I’m doin my thang!

First up.  Magic Mike.  I didn’t know anything about what it was.  I think I may have just seen a still from it or something at first.  Up until a week ago, I had no idea, and considered going, cause come on.  Channing Tatum is gorgeous.  And then I found out what it was about.  Oh no.  Not my style at all.  (And the girl is kinda ugly…)  I just don’t see how there is any plot at all.  We all know what the appeal is.  Nekkid Channing Tatum.  I guess being a brand new, practically single, full time working, part time school going, mother has changed me.

I literally get to spend 15 hours on the weekdays with Aubree.  That’s 3 hours a day folks.  “What?  How can that be?”  Let me break it down for you.  I get up around 6 am.  I get ready until 7.  At 7 I start getting Aubree ready.  We’re in the car usually by 7:40, on the way to daycare.  Then I work all day.  8-5.  At 5 I get to go get Aubree.  I get to daycare around 5:20 usually.  Get home around 5:30, that’s assuming I don’t have to run errands.  That’s a whole different story.  So, we get home around 5:30, I get all our stuff in and get us settled.  That’s 5:45.  I literally have no interest in doing anything else except for hanging out with Aubree.  I get to hang out with her between 6 and 8 pm.  So, that’s an hour in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.  This routine is healthy for Aubree.  Keeping her up late just so I can hang out with her is selfish.  So 15 hours a week.  2 of those hours are spent either getting her ready for daycare or ready for bed.  Sure, I get the weekends with her, but I don’t want to waste any of that time with her either.  I don’t even like napping, even though I often need it, because I miss out on her.  Even if I’m just watching her sleep.

I guess I’ve gone off topic.  The point is, I don’t want to spend time away from my baby to see a movie about nekkid men.

Next movie:  Savages.  Which looks to be about drug dealers and sex.  Definitely not my style.  It’s not like I can go to a movie without Aubree.  Or I have to get a babysitter.  I’m pretty sure that movie has explosions.  Which would be loud.  Aubree is good in noisy situations.  She usually just sleeps or looks around.  But, all babies have their limits.  I’m sure that would seriously test hers.  And most people aren’t very nice when people bring kids to grown up movies.  I know… I’m that way too.  If I’m going to a movie, especially a more adult one, I don’t want to listen to a baby cry.  It’s distracting.  Now, though, I have gotten to where I don’t want to go to movies (as evidenced by this post), because… I have to be away from my baby!

Spiderman.  I just don’t like Spiderman as a super hero.  That’s pretty much all that boils down too.  I’m a Superman, Ironman, Captain America, Thor girl anyway.  Spiderman always seemed kinda whiny to me.

Brave.  Now this one.  This one I WANT to see.  I’d take Aubree with me to go see it too.  I think she’d like the colors.  She’s gotten to where she’ll watch stuff like that.  We watched Igor the other day and she seemed to enjoy it.  I think she’d like Brave.  Well as much as a 4 month old baby can like a movie!

Anyway.  That’s my random observation of the day.  The whole thing boils down to….  I’m a stick in the mud.  🙂  I gotta get back to my paper.  I am going to indulge my Tyler Perry obsession while Miss Priss sleeps!


About stepheniejones

I'm currently an advisor in the College of Education at Texas Tech. I have a sweet baby girl named Aubree. I'm currently getting my Master's in Counselor Education with an emphasis on Community Counseling. I feel really called to be a counselor. I'm really excited! I enjoy reading, crocheting, good music, and good friends.

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  1. We took the kids to see Brave, they both did really well. Its a good movie, I think you are right, your little one would do fine watching that. Especially with the red hair on the characters, I’m sure it’d be eye catching for her in the movie!

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